21 October 2006

A Museum Of Modern Art In Seborga

The Municipality of Seborga has officially unveiled an ambitious proposal for the city and the Principality: the creation - with the collaboration of two German companies and an artist from Berlin - of a museum of modern art.
The Mayor of Seborga, Franco Fogliarini has declared that the two companies involved have already promised the funding for the project. The proposal is now going to be assessed for its feasibility but the Council is favourable to publicise the project and to make available the land for the construction of the museum.
The project is part of a series of initiatives for the cultural and tourist development of the Principality. The idea of a Museum in Seborga started from Germany. Heiko Sachse, a versatile artist from Berlin, long involved in the enhancement of the ancient noble traditions of Seborga, has declared that he will auction very soon (the date is yet to be decided) his painting of the rock star Madonna (see photo) in the Principality of Monte Carlo. The starting price for the auction will be 30 thousand euro and the sum collected will be devolved for the construction of the museum.
Heiko Sachse, an honorary citizen of Seborga, recently organized a special event for the 80th birthday of Queen Elisabeth II in Berlin. The event, titled: "The Royal Laser Symphony-Queen Elisabeth" involved a symphonic musical performance written by the artist and a spectacular laser show. Heiko Sachse is the author of several artworks regarding the royal family; many of them are exhibited at Buckingham Palace, St James Palace and Westminster Abbey.
The Municipality of Seborga has expressed gratitude and appreciation to the artist for his commitment in favour of the development of the Principality. The Counsel General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Milan has also expressed appreciation for the project of the museum that will be named: CUORI D'ORO (Golden Hearts).

06 October 2006

The History of Seborga in Piazza

For five weeks, every Wednesday evening starting at 21:00 in Piazza Saint Martin, the curator of the Seborga Historical Library and writer Sergio Pistone will hold a series of lectures about the history of the Principality of Seborga and how it evolved.
The topic of the first meeting (which took place last Wednesday) was on "the ancient people of the territory"; the next topic will be on "Christianity and the heretical doctrines". The meetings are open to the public and everybody is welcome to attend. (SeborgaPress)