16 December 2007

Seborgan Delegation at the Norwegian Diplomatic Reception

A significant joint reception organised by the Embassy of Norway in Belgium and the General Consulate of Norway in Luxembourg took place Thursday 8 November 2007 at the Bettembourg Castle, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

More than 350 guests and personalities were present at the event; among them the Ambassador of Norway, H.E. J. Bernhardsen, the Consul General of Norway in Luxembourg, Dame Christine Doerner, several guests from Luxembourg and foreign Consuls who, for the occasion, were given the honour of the first rank in the reception hall.

Guest of honour at the event was the energetic Christine Doerner, well known and regarded in Luxembourg as Notary, Member of the Chamber of Deputy of the Christian Social People’s Party for her commitment to the protection of women and Consul General of Norway.

The delegation of the Principality of Seborga, cordially invited, was represented by the Baron J.-Ph. Arnotte, Honorary Consul, and by G. Clemente, candidate Vice-Honorary Consul (in the photo: respectively on the left and on the right of Mrs Doerner) and were order of first and third rank.

The reception was held under the theme of the Centenary Anniversary of the death of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, author of the famous play “Peer Gynt”, with a piano concert followed by a recital that the composer himself completed with the moving “Solveig Song” (Peer Gynt Suite I, Opus 46).

At a time when the international and constitutional status of Seborga has reached a particularly crucial point in the Italian Constitutional Court (see our article published on 25.04.07 titled: “Sensational Verdict from an Italian Tribunal: The Italian State Has No Jurisdiction over Seborga!”) we applaud the political far-sightedness of the Consul General of Norway who for several years has honoured us with her esteem.

To the Grand Dame de Bettembourg our thanks and best wishes!

28 November 2007

Awarded the winners of this year’s Historical Library Competition

Once again, on Sunday 11 November, Piazza San Martino was the setting for the award ceremony of this year’s Historical Library Competition organized by the Municipality and the Principality of Seborga.
This year the three winners are: Mr. Pietro Guglielmi from Vallebona (Imperia, Italy) with a work titled “Il Passato che Ritorna” (The Return of the Past): a research based on old objects of various nature and periods found in and around Seborga.
The second winner is Mr. Riccardo Guglielmi, professor at Lund University (Sweden) with a research on toponymy in Vallebona and Seborga.
The third awarded is Mr. Alberto Castellini from Verona (Italy) with an essay regarding the relations between the Principality of Seborga and the Italian State.
Present at the award ceremony were the Mayor of Seborga, Mr. Franco Fogliarini, the curator of the Historical Library, Mr. Giorgio Pistone and HRH Prince Giorgio 1st escorted by around fifty Knights of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher.

The Secrets of the Olive Tree in 160 pages

Now available in the bookstores (in Italy) is the book written by Giorgio Pistone and Luigi Costanzo Oliva (alias Luì Cerin) titled: “Lenga d’oju – ulivi e olio, fatica e poesia” (Olives Trees and Oil, Hard Work and Poetry).
Basically it is a mini encyclopaedia on the olive tree and published as part of the series known as “I Quaderni del Principato di Seborga” (Notes of the Principality of Seborga).
Its 160 pages include photos from the past and the present, maps and illustrations that will allow the reader to travel through the world of the olive tree, the different variety, the most famous and oldest trees in the territory, the mythology associated with this plant, without leaving aside an accurate historical digression in to the commercial expansion of the oil and the olives.
The publication also provides a precious dictionary of words in the ligurian dialect “on the oil world and about”, followed by a description of ancient oil-mills and how they operated, a collection of poems dedicated to the delicious golden nectar and a selection of historical scripts related to the subject.
The book ends with some useful suggestions for the kitchen with recipes and practical applications of the oil and olives.
It is definitely a great book for those who love history and local traditions and for those food lovers who really enjoy the regional cooking. (G. Giordano)

23 November 2007

The Government website is now back and running

We are please to inform that the official website of the Seborgan Government is now working. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the previous interruptions.

13 November 2007

The website of the Seborgan Government is temporarily down due to technical difficulties

We regret to inform that due to technical difficulties the official website of the Seborgan Government is temporarily unavailable as we currently experience continue interruptions. We will keep you informed as soon as the website will be back in operation and be more stable. In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

31 October 2007

Library Competition: On the 11 November the Awards

On Sunday 11 November, the award ceremony for the finalists in the 3rd competition organised by the Historical Library will be held in Seborga.
As previously published, the competition consists of an essay in Italian or French on the topic of historical events of the Late Medieval period.
The ceremony will commence at 15:00 in Piazza San Martino and will be preceded by a concert by the Community Choir of the French city of Escarène (twin city with Seborga). All are welcome.

30 September 2007

Seborga: Larotella Art Exhibition

The Angelo Biffi Art Gallery in Seborga has organised on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October an art exhibition of contemporary paintings by the artist Agnese Margherita Larotella, titled: "Colours and Emotions of Our Land".

Seborga on Show on Australian Television

Australian viewers will soon see a glimpse of the Principality of Seborga.
On Tuesday 2 October, during the program Global Village at 6:00 pm (EAST), the second national public channel SBS TV will broadcast a short documentary of 9 minutes (French production) about the intriguing history and status of the Principality. (visit the link: www.sbs.com.au)

19 August 2007

Seborga 20 August: National Day

As per tradition, this year the Seborga National Day will be celebrated this Monday 20 August on the occasion of Sain Bernard, Patron of Seborga.
This is the program of the celebrations:

11:15 Holy Mass in Saint Martin Church.
16:00 Vespers and procession to the Saint Bernard Church.
From 20:00 Celebrations with music, food and historical parades.

The revenue of the event will be used for the restoration of the Church of Saint Martin.

News in Brief...

Seborga 25 August, starting at 21:30: Medieval Dinner in Piazza San Martino. The food will be served by waiters in traditional costume with live music.
The cost is 32 Euro per person. Booking is essential by phoning: 0184 22 38 59.


The Seborgan Diplomatic Corps is mourning the sudden loss of the Vice Honorary Consul of Lyon (France), Jean-Claude Auvolat.
In a note issued on the 6 August by the Head of Cabinet, Mr André Triquet, HRH Prince Giorgio I expressed his sadeness of the news and his deep sympathy and condolences to the family.

09 August 2007

Varase di Ventimiglia: The First Palio of the Principality of Seborga

On Saturday 25 August at the equestrian centre "Val Roya" in Varase di Ventimiglia, the first Palio (horse race) of the Principality of Seborga will take place.

Although the event will be of amateur quality with the participation of non professional riders and horses, it will be of an educational nature to promote the history and traditions of the equestrian world.

The race will be preceded by a ceremony similar to the famous Palio of Siena with traditional costumes, flags and banners.

The Contrade or city wards will receive the welcome by HRH Prince Giorgio I.
The winner of the race (the representative of the Contrada) will receive the Trophy of the Palio of the Principality of Seborga which it will keep until the next edition of the Palio.

The winning raider will receive a prize consisting of golden Luigini coins (the Seborga currency).

04 August 2007

Living Among Different Faiths

Last June, in Rome, the Honorary Consulate of the Principality of Seborga in Castellarano (Italy) participated at a conference for the freedom of religion and dialogue among different faiths.

The event was organised by the journalist Magdi Allam, editor of “Il Corriere della Sera” and commentator on Arab and Islamic affairs.

Since then the Consulate has maintained contact with the organisers of the conference and has planned several projects aimed at promoting greater public awareness for a better understanding and mutual acceptance of various religions, so essential for a peaceful existence.

Among the initiatives planned there is a series of meetings aimed at discussing the foundations of Christianity (Catholicism and other confessions), Islamism, Buddhism, Hebraism and other religious faiths.

A few weeks after the event in Rome the Consul and the Consulate organised a meeting in Castellarano with an Evangelical group from Brighton (UK) and a Catholic group.

The purpose of the meeting was to promote a free exchange of ideas and understanding among the two groups.

“To come to know the stable facts about religions that are less familiar here, helps the dialogue; to separate the true from the false allows for a better understanding”.

The local press was particularly interested in the initiative and a local monthly publication has planned a special edition for September on the activities of the Consulate.

17 July 2007

Seborga 21 July: The Blue & White Night

The Notte Azzurra (the Blue and White Night) is the new event of the summer season 2007 that - according to the organisers - promises to be an unmissable Riviera affair.

On Saturday 21 July, the Principality of Seborga will keep the doors open of its atelier, shops and typical taverns for food and wine tasting.

Several bands will perform live with music from jazz to pop. The Notte Azzurra will start at 20:00 and will continue until late into the night.

The traditional food and wine night will take place in the main square of Seborga with typical products from the local area.
These are the music groups that will participate at the event:

Elvis from Radio Zeta: a well known band that will play dance music from the seventies and beyond in the main square.

The Jockers: with a music repertoire of rhythm and blues, soul, funky, blues and rock.The band will play famous and lesser known music. this band has performed at several live events in the Ponente Riviera and the Costa Azzurra.

The Full Optional: a new local band with a program of pop, rock and reggae music.

The Jazz in Duet & Bossuana will perform jazz, bossa nova and classical music in the church square.

For more information: turismo@proseborga.com - web: http://www.proseborga.com/ - Phone: 0184-223859

Consul Arnotte Awarded the Merit Order of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The Honorary Consul of the Principality of Seborga in Luxembourg, Baron Jean-Philippe Arnotte, was awarded the Silver Merit Order of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by the much loved Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Maria Teresa Nassau-Mestre on Saturday 6 June 2007.

During the meeting Consul Arnotte offered the Grand Duchess a decorated pin with the Seborga blazon and the "Principality of Seborga" inscription on it. (In the photo: a moment of the event)

02 July 2007

Seborga Summer Season Events 2007

Here is the calendar of events for this summer season that will take place in the Principality of Seborga, organised by the ProSeborga Association and the Tourism Office. For any enquiries, please write to: turismo@proseborga.com


05 July: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Takabanda”.
07 July: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Primavera”.
12 July: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Sandro Moreno”.
14 July: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Gli Ascendenti”.
19 July: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Primavera”.
21 July: “La Notte Bianco-Azzurra” (The Blue and White Night); a new summer season event. The atelier, shops and typical taverns of the old Principality of Seborga will remain open all night for food and wine tasting under the supervision of sommeliers from A.I.S. (Italian Sommeliers Association). Live music (from pop to jazz) will be performed by various bands present in Seborga.
26 July: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Gli Strani Poeti”.
28 July: Tripe Festival and live music with the orchestra “Carmen Arena”.


02 August: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Stefano Frigerio” (Radio Zeta).
04 August: Mussel Festival and live music with the orchestra “Sandro Moreno”.
09 August: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Wilmer Divina”.
11 August: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Gli Ascendenti”.
16 August: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Primavera”.
18 August: Food and wine night, with dance music performed live by the orchestra “Primavera”.
20 August: Saint Bernard. A fundraising night to support the parish church of St. Martin.
25 August: Middle Ages Dinner. A special dinner that will take you back a thousand years and served according to the customs of that period. Particular attention to detail and the natural ambience of the burg of Seborga will guarantee a superb feast experience. Bookings are essential.
26 August: Concert of the band “Buio Pesto”.


09 September: Festival of Boar and Polenta. Panoramic walk through the forests of Seborga.

30 June 2007

Giubellini Art Exhibit

The Angelo Biffi Art Gallery has organised for Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1st July at the Principality of Seborga an exhibit of works by the artist Gianni Giubellini.

29 June 2007

30 June: Seborga Beer Festival

This Saturday Seborga will host the "Seborga Tutta Birra": a yearly event with lots of beer, barbeque and Ligurian dishes. The program of the festival will include the traditional contest of "Miss Maglietta Bagnata" (Miss wet t-shirt), live entertainment music and attractions for all ages.
The event is organised by the Tourist Office and the Pro Seborga Association.

25 June 2007

Artist Night for the Hospital of Leopoli in Ukraine

The Principality of Seborga organised for the 23 and 24 of June the "Artists Night". The humanitarian event was organised to raise money to buy a paediatric ventilator to donate to the regional Oncology Hospital of Leopoli in Ukraine.

20 June 2007

Message of Good Wishes to the Prince of Seborga from a Moldovan Association

A message of good wishes was sent by the Moldovan Association "Speranza" (Hope) of Turin, Italy, to HRH Prince Giorgio Ist for His birthday anniversary celebrated this month. In the message, the Association expressed a wish for good success to the Prince for His future projects for the Principality.

04 June 2007

International Festival of the Pipe

International Festival of the Pipe

Principality of Seborga

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Starting from 15:00

Piazzetta San Martino

With the participation of renown craftsmen and pipe makers

Briar pipe of the Principality of Seborga

(Cigar smokers are also welcome)

For more info: 0039.335.460237

01 June 2007

Floriana Vattani at the Artist's Circle in Sanremo

The Collective of the Month will exhibit this month (from 1st to 12 June) at the Artist's Circle in Piazza Nota in Sanremo. The artist Floriana Vattani will participate with the exhibition of a painting.

31 May 2007

Day Conference on Voluntary Work

The day conference on voluntary work and youth that took place Monday 28 May at the Theatre Casino of Sanremo, ended successfully.
The morning seminar was on voluntary work in the international cooperation and the afternoon on the project-competition: “Un Ponte sul Cuore” (A Bridge Heart).
The entire event was organised by the Seborga in the World Association with the patronage of the Sanremo Municipality.
The seminar was particularly intended for volunteers working in the emergency services, Red Cross and other assistance services, while the afternoon event was more intended for students who managed to collect with the help of their parents during the last Christmas gifts and educational materials for their counterparts in Moldova.
In particular the project was developed among students from schools in Sanremo and in Mihailovca (Moldova) with the aim of writing and preparing essays regarding the mutual knowledge of their countries.
The best works were selected and chosen by various youth community councils and presented during a live link-up with the students in Mihailovca.
The prizes consisted of PCs, DVD players and MP3 payers. During the event the singer Saro Salemi dedicated a song that he wrote particularly for this project.

The High Middle Ages is the Theme of This Year's Historical Literary Competition

The Municipality and the Principality of Seborga have launched the third edition of the Historical Literary Competition.
The competition is open for an essay, abridged or original, in French or Italian, regarding historical events related to the High Middle Ages (AD 1000 - 1300).
The scripts need to be submitted in typed or printed format and sent to the Biblioteca Storica di Seborga, 18012 Seborga, not later than the 10th October 2007.
The jury will examine all the entries and only three works will be selected as finalists.
The works submitted will not be returned but will be kept in the Library and made available to the public.
The prize giving ceremony will take place in Seborga on the 11th November, starting at 3 pm. For more information, please write to the Historical Library at the following e-mail address: turismo@proseborga.com

News in Brief...

May Day in Seborga was marked by tragedy.
A 48 year old man died instantly after falling from the terrace of his first floor apartment.
According to the local police, Antonio Curci in bending forward to collect his dry clothes may have lost the balance due to the wet floor and plunged to the ground head first. Curci is survived by his wife and a 20 year old son.

On May 13, the atelier “Antico Principato” and the “Incanto delle Bambole” (The Dolls Charms) have hosted an exhibition in Seborga titled: Dolls and Decoupage.
On display were a series of collectable hand made dolls, gifts ideas and decorators arts and crafts.

Swan Camps 2007

Swan Camps 2007 is the event that LegaAmbiente Liguria is organising for kids under 14 with the aim of giving them the opportunity to be in close contact with nature and to respect it.
This year LegaAmbiente is organising several camps in the region, including Seborga.
For more information, contact: 010 31 91 68.

Baiardo and the Druids

“Baiardo and the Druids” was the theme of a conference held in Baiardo (near Sanremo) on Sunday the 6 May by Prof. Pistone.
Compared to other villages in the region, Baiardo enjoys a distinctive ancient history, supported by numerous archaeological and documented discoveries in the last ten years.
The local oral tradition evokes the presence of the wise Druids at the top of the hill overlooking the village, near the remains of the church erected purposely to erase the memory of their presence.
Prof. G. Pistone is well known for his diligent work, spanning half a century, researching the signs and the vestiges of the local history. The conference, organised by the municipality of Baiardo was well received and attended.

07 May 2007

Sunday, 20 May: "The Templars in Seborga"

G. I. T. E.
Sunday 20 May 2006
Principality of SEBORGA
At 11:00 am.
Pieces / Conference
“The Templars in Seborga”
At 12:30 pm
Restaurant “Il Principe”: Lunch
At 16:00
S.Martino Church:
“Organ Concert”
€ 30,00 (all included)
For reservations:
Vitaliano Gallo
Via Bezzecca, 25
Tel (00 39) 0184.575007 – (00 39) 335.460237

25 April 2007

Sensational Verdict From An Italian Tribunal: The Italian State Has No Jurisdiction Over Seborga!

A legal action that kept going for more than six years revives the fight for the recognition of the juridical sovereignty of the Principality of Seborga.
The contention is about the house where the Seborga Government resides. Several years ago, the owner of the building, Mr Italo Incollino, decided to reclaim his property lent to the Government by its ministers.
He tried but failed to evict the “tenant” and after several unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue, the Government decided to suspend the payments. The owner took legal action through the Italian Court against the Seborga Government.
In the last six years the case was examined several times by four different judges without reaching a decision.
Finally, on the 5th of April 2007 the Judge, Ms.Erika Cannoletta of the Sanremo Trinunal, reached a stunning conclusion: the legal action cannot proceed because: “… it cannot subsist exclusive jurisdiction of a State not recognised by the Italian State but regarded as such by other communities and/or foreign States recognised by Italy”.
In other words, the Judge has suspended the verdict, sent the documentation to the Italian Constitutional Court (High Court) and informed the Prime Minister and the two Presidents of the Parliament and Senate of the matter.
In her explanation, the Judge has taken into consideration several historical facts.
As stated by Judge Cannoletta, in 1729 Vittorio Amedeo II stipulated the contract of purchase but the transaction was never recorded and as a result was not valid.
Nor was Seborga annexed to the Republic of Genoa (as it appears in the Aquisgrana Treaty) and was not mentioned in the Vienna Congress”.
Judge Cannoletta deferred the verdict by quoting the Italian Constitution, the Civil Code and a 1995 Italian law. In her final ruling, she analyses the concept of State, investigates the literature available on the subject, the legitimacy to exist in a case of non recognition and examines all these aspects in relation to Seborga.
In Seborga, the outcome was welcomed with a reaction of surprise and yet great satisfaction. In contrast to this almost unanimous response there was a strong negative reaction from one of the members of the Seborga Municipality, the councillor for Culture, Mr Gustavo Ottolenghi.
Speaking to a local newspaper the councillor contradicted the finding of the judge and declared that: “… Seborga is a town not a Principality. This administration wants to make this clear once and for all. At a folkloric and tourist level, Giorgio (the Prince) has done a lot for Seborga, but you cannot put in doubt the municipal institution”.
These very strong words have not been welcomed by the other members of the council nor by the population. For some, these words demonstrate some long held resentment against the Prince that the councillor has not yet dispelled. Mr Giorgio Pistone, curator of the Historical Library, author of several books on local history and Spokesperson for the Principality declared: “Ottolenghi was in the past a member of the Chivalry of the Crown but then was expelled by the Prince himself for high treason”.
Leaving aside personal grudges, in commenting on the judge’s ruling, Mr Pistone declared: “The judge has made a very thorough and articulate decision, with rigor and professionalism. She has opened for us a door that was closed for 20 years. Now we can proceed as soon as the Constitutional Court decides on the case”.
Mr Pistone explained: “If the Italian Constitutional Court recognises the Italian legal standing, we will appeal to the European Court for the Human Rights. If the Constitutional Court does not recognise the Italian legal standing, it will mean that Italy is recognising the juridical sovereignty of Seborga”. The Seborgans could not wish for more from this development.
There is no doubt that what lies ahead is an interesting season for Seborga, full of surprises. Whatever the outcome, the Principality will continue to generate news and the rest of the world will continue to try to understand the complexity of the reality of this tiny territory in the Ligurian region that has for many years claimed its sovereignty.
Coincidently, the German national broadcaster has commissioned a half hour television documentary on the history of Seborga and the Principality. The project has already made a start with the research and preparation of the scripts and the filming should take place this August.

Italy-Moldava: Future Cultural and Artistic Exchanges Between the Two Countries

On the 3rd of April a meeting was held at the Moldova Embassy in Rome with the Ambassador, Dr Nicolae Dudau, the First Secretary of the Embassy Mrs Stela Dudau, the artistic director Mr Pepi Morgia and the voluntary worker from Seborga in the World Association, Mrs Cristina Leahu.
The aim of the meeting was to discuss the feasibility of intercultural exchange between Italy and Moldova. Ms Stella Stangaci, First Secretary of the embassy, explained that the political and trade exchange agreement between the two countries is going ahead but the cultural ones are sporadic and not well organised.
In this context the proposal from Mr Morgia is to invite artists here from Moldova was welcomed with interest and enthusiasm by the embassy. This August Mr Morgia will visit Moldova with the Seborga Association to meet the local artists and establish a proposal for their visit to Italy.
The ambassador has promised to facilitate these exchanges by providing administrative assistance. The proposal is to invite several musical groups in Italy such as “Zdob si Zdub”, Natalia Barbu and consecutively the groups Joc and Codreanca, a renowned classical dance group and winner of several international awards. (In the photo: the Ambassador Dr. Nicolae Dudau; the artistic Director Pepi Morgia, Ms Stela Stengaci and Ms Cristina Lehau)

The Taggiasche Olives of Seborga

He has worked with Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, Alain Ducasse in Monte Carlo, at Le Gavroche in London and with the maestro of pastry making Pierre Hermé of Fauchon in Paris.

The three stars of the Michelin guide were his identity card when the chef Davide Oldani chose to go back to his Lombardy region to open the D’O, a small restaurant, or rather a “trattoria” in Cornaredo.
The restaurant offers a traditional cuisine, using products of high quality but of local origin, allowing him to keep the prices down. It is a “democratic” deal that at the same time does not forget the lessons from the great masters. In this type of cuisine you cannot avoid olive oil, in particular that from Taggiasche olives* produced in Seborga by Vittorio Corsini.
“I prefer this type of oil for its delicacy and sweetness and for its flavour which does not overtake too much”, explain Orlandi. He has his own philosophy for using the olive oil in the kitchen that clearly has always to be extra virgin.
“Mine is a traditional cuisine where fat and fried mixtures are eliminated, therefore even if the extra virgin olive oil is part of the non saturated fat it has to be used very sparingly and preferably raw, otherwise it will take over the flavours of the dishes” - says Orlandi – “if the oil is good it can give the right aroma even if I use only a tea spoon”.

*Produced from the Taggiasche Olives, a quality that is typically Ligurian from the western Riviera, which are dark-green and small in size. Plants that give this type of olive are centuries old and were planted in ancient times by the monks and cultivated on terraces overlooking the sea.

(Extract from an article published by Vinitaly, a renown Wine & Spirits Trade Exhibition held every year in Verona, Italy).

The Consulate in Castellarano Officially Opened

On 30th March the site of the Honorary Consulate of the principality of Seborga in Castellarano (Italy) was officially opened.
Present at the event were members of the Consulate, the Deputy Mayor of the city, the cultural councilor, members of the public and several representative of the local media.
Of particular interest was the presentation on the many historical aspects of history and freedom that the Principality represents.
Among the projects presented: activities to promote the human rights awareness, conferences on history, culture and geopolitics and the project to open a Priorate of Chevaliers appointed by HRH Giorgio I.

04 April 2007

The Spring Fete of Seborga

The Municipality of Seborga and the Pro-Seborga Association have organised, once again this year, the traditional Festa di Primavera (Spring Fete), the floral art competition "Old Principality of Seborga".
This year's edition (the 7th) will take place on the 7, 8 and 9 of April along the picturesque streets and lanes of Seborga and consists of the display of floral compositions combined with creative works of local artists.
The artistic arrangements will take place in the actual streets and narrow lanes of the Principality and will be completed by the artists no later than Saturday afternoon the 7th.
More information can be obtain by calling the Seborga Tourist Office: 0184-223859.

Seborga at the Nice Fair

Seborga participated with success at this year's NICE FAIR (10-19 March) together with the twin city of Escarence (France).
Seborga was present with a stall well prepared and furnished with panoramic pictures, video presentations of cultural and tourist events and a display of products from local shops and restaurants.
As well as the many brochures distributed by both cities, 1500 bouquets of broom were also offered to the many visitors.
The Mayor of Seborga, Franco Fogliarini, expressed great satisfaction given the fact that the organisers of the event awarded the Seborga stand first prize for the stand with the warmest welcome.

31 March 2007

Officially Opened: The New Honorary Consulate in Castellarano

The official opening of the new premises of the Honorary Consulate of the Principality of Seborga was held last Friday 30 March at Castellarano, a city near Reggio Emilia (Italy). The event included several speeches and visual presentations on the history and the distinctive status of Seborga.
Mr Paolo Iotti (Honorary Consul) spoke about the topic "Seborga: a place, a reality and a model". Other topics were on the history of the chevaliers (by the vice Consul) and on future projects and initiatives sponsored by the Consulate. A refreshment concluded the event. More details on the April issue.

Vallecrosia: Conference on the International Cooperation

On march 10 in the city of Vallecrosia, the Seborga in the World Association held a conference on international cooperation. The aim was to present and promote the cooperation not just as an existential concept but rather as a way to promote and develop the Global Village and offer reciprocal benefits between two states, in particular Italy and Moldova.

The ability to educate a child or student about solidarity is a very important step for the development od a society. The conference was also an opportunity for the Association to share with the public the experience of past missions to Moldova, the poorest country in Eastern Europe.

During the event the project "Un Ponte Sul Cuore" (A Bridge Heart) was also presented, an initiative that will involve students from different schools in Italy, Seborga and Moldova. The students will participate in a theme competition that will end in May with a special ceremony at the theatre Casino of Sanremo.

At the conference were also distributed drawings from students in Moldova to the students of the St Anne Institute in Vallecrosia. A video presentation was also shown of the recent trip in December (2006) where two tonnes of toys were distributed to the children of Moldova, toghether with teaching material and other items for the schools overe there.

The event ended with a display of photos by the famous photo reporter GB Peluffo that took part in August 2005 at one of the missions.

26 February 2007

From the Mint of Berlin a Medal to Sponsor the Project of a Museum of Modern Art in Seborga

A commemorative silver medal was officially displayed on Thursday 15 February to the Mayor of Seborga by the German artist Heiko Sachse. The medal was specifically produced by the mint of Berlin to celebrate the future opening of a museum of contemporary art in Seborga.
The revenue from the selling of the medal, which will be sold in 999 specimens, will be used to finance the museum.
This is the second initiative taken by the Berlin artist who has already put to auction some of his artistic works for this particular project. Last autumn the City Council of Seborga officially presented the project of the museum in collaboration with two German companies (which will cover the cost) and offered to provide the land to build the museum.
Although originated in Germany, the project is part of a series of initiatives for the cultural and tourist development of Seborga and has the full support of the local authority.
Heiko Sachse is the author of several artworks regarding the royal family; many of them are exhibited at Buckingham Palace, St James Palace and Westminster Abbey.
(Photo: Franco Fogliarini, Mayor of Seborga and the artist Heiko Sachse. A note from the Editor: in an early edition of the same article we inadvertently published a wrong picture of the artist. We apologise for the error and for any inconvenience caused)

Cycling: First Test for the "Mountain Challenge 2007", Bordighera - Seborga

The first test for the traditional annual cycling competition of the “Mountain Challenge 2007” from Bordighera to Seborga was won by Dell’Oriente for the Junior/Senior Category (1h 22’) and by Ginestra Flavio for the Veteran Category.
Like last year, the sixty competitors took part in the first of eight tests of the competition in bad weather, cycling through the Nervia valley, from Dolceacqua to Ospedaletti, Bordighera and finally to Seborga after tackling the never ending uphill road of 11 km. The next test is planned for Sunday 4 March, starting at Bordighera for the “Romana” circuit.

31 January 2007

Sanremo: Corso Fiorito 2007

From Jan 14 to Feb 04 the city of Sanremo hosts the “Sanremo in Fiore”, flower festival with the charm of the “Corso Fiorito”, the impressive parade of procession of floral floats. This is an annual event where all aspects of flora produced in the Ligurian Ponente (western Liguria) are exhibited, from evergreen plants, cacti, flowering plants to aromatic herbs.
It is an event not to be missed where one can immerse oneself in the thousands of colors and perfumes only to be found in the Sanremo area, thanks to its microclimate allowing them to be cultivated in winter.
“Corso Fiorito” is also an opportunity for the many flower growers in the area to compete against each other under a common theme (chosen by the organisers) with their best floral composition.
This year’s theme was the cartoon characters and for the challenge twelve towns and villages participated in the event that culminated with the floral parade last Sunday, 28 January.
This year winner, for the second consecutive year, was the town of Santo Stefano al Mare with the floral composition representing the “Pimpa” character (photo on top). Seborga participated with a floral float representing Diabolik character (photos on left).

The first edition of "Corso Fiorito" was held on January 1904 and was called "Festa della dea Flora" (Feast of Goddess Flora). There were "floral" carriages on which the "pioneers of flowers" showed their novelties. This event was so successful that it was held year after year and it also gave rise to the "Battle of Flowers" in which several floats were entirely covered with flowers. After the war, the parade was called "Italia in fiore" (Italy in bloom) and was accompanied by bands and folklore groups. Thanks to this parade, Sanremo thus became the Town of Flowers par excellence. Nowadays the “Corso Fiorito” is one the most important events in Sanremo and certainly the most eagerly awaited.
The preliminary phases last for several months, and then everything happens in one single night: from sunset to dawn the floats blossom thanks to the skill of the people who decorate them. Thousands of colourful flowers create marvellous compositions: faces, dresses, animals, clouds, stars and setting are all made up of flowers.
When the moon gives way to the break of day, the floats are ready. The feast can start. And the town streets are thus full of life - also thanks to the bands that accompany the parade every year.

New Premises for the Honorary Consulate in Castellarano (Italy)

The new premises of the Honorary Consulate of the Principality of Seborga in the Italian town of Castellarano (Reggio Emilia) will soon be officially opened.
Although there is not a final date yet, the opening will take place some time in February with a conference followed by refreshments.
The announcement came from Mr. Paolo Iotti, Honorary Consul who said that the new premises were provided by the city council as result of a specific agreement between the Principality of Seborga and the city.
The Honorary Consulate was instituted by decree by HRH Prince Giorgio Ist on 28 November 2001. The Consulate will host conferences and seminars of a historical, musical and artistic nature.
The new premises are located in Via Kennedy, 27 and the Consulate has activated a web site that can be visited at this address: www.beepworld.it/members/consolatoonorariodiseborga

Emergency Birth

On Friday 12 January, a woman resident in Seborga gave birth under emergency circumstances. When the labour started the woman realised that she could not reach the nearest hospital (20 km from Seborga) and an ambulance was sent to assist her in giving birth to a baby boy.
Since the Italian authorities decided to transfer the obstetrician department in the town of Sanremo, many children in the area have being born at home or in an ambulance. Mother and child are well.