31 May 2007

Day Conference on Voluntary Work

The day conference on voluntary work and youth that took place Monday 28 May at the Theatre Casino of Sanremo, ended successfully.
The morning seminar was on voluntary work in the international cooperation and the afternoon on the project-competition: “Un Ponte sul Cuore” (A Bridge Heart).
The entire event was organised by the Seborga in the World Association with the patronage of the Sanremo Municipality.
The seminar was particularly intended for volunteers working in the emergency services, Red Cross and other assistance services, while the afternoon event was more intended for students who managed to collect with the help of their parents during the last Christmas gifts and educational materials for their counterparts in Moldova.
In particular the project was developed among students from schools in Sanremo and in Mihailovca (Moldova) with the aim of writing and preparing essays regarding the mutual knowledge of their countries.
The best works were selected and chosen by various youth community councils and presented during a live link-up with the students in Mihailovca.
The prizes consisted of PCs, DVD players and MP3 payers. During the event the singer Saro Salemi dedicated a song that he wrote particularly for this project.

The High Middle Ages is the Theme of This Year's Historical Literary Competition

The Municipality and the Principality of Seborga have launched the third edition of the Historical Literary Competition.
The competition is open for an essay, abridged or original, in French or Italian, regarding historical events related to the High Middle Ages (AD 1000 - 1300).
The scripts need to be submitted in typed or printed format and sent to the Biblioteca Storica di Seborga, 18012 Seborga, not later than the 10th October 2007.
The jury will examine all the entries and only three works will be selected as finalists.
The works submitted will not be returned but will be kept in the Library and made available to the public.
The prize giving ceremony will take place in Seborga on the 11th November, starting at 3 pm. For more information, please write to the Historical Library at the following e-mail address: turismo@proseborga.com

News in Brief...

May Day in Seborga was marked by tragedy.
A 48 year old man died instantly after falling from the terrace of his first floor apartment.
According to the local police, Antonio Curci in bending forward to collect his dry clothes may have lost the balance due to the wet floor and plunged to the ground head first. Curci is survived by his wife and a 20 year old son.

On May 13, the atelier “Antico Principato” and the “Incanto delle Bambole” (The Dolls Charms) have hosted an exhibition in Seborga titled: Dolls and Decoupage.
On display were a series of collectable hand made dolls, gifts ideas and decorators arts and crafts.

Swan Camps 2007

Swan Camps 2007 is the event that LegaAmbiente Liguria is organising for kids under 14 with the aim of giving them the opportunity to be in close contact with nature and to respect it.
This year LegaAmbiente is organising several camps in the region, including Seborga.
For more information, contact: 010 31 91 68.

Baiardo and the Druids

“Baiardo and the Druids” was the theme of a conference held in Baiardo (near Sanremo) on Sunday the 6 May by Prof. Pistone.
Compared to other villages in the region, Baiardo enjoys a distinctive ancient history, supported by numerous archaeological and documented discoveries in the last ten years.
The local oral tradition evokes the presence of the wise Druids at the top of the hill overlooking the village, near the remains of the church erected purposely to erase the memory of their presence.
Prof. G. Pistone is well known for his diligent work, spanning half a century, researching the signs and the vestiges of the local history. The conference, organised by the municipality of Baiardo was well received and attended.

07 May 2007

Sunday, 20 May: "The Templars in Seborga"

G. I. T. E.
Sunday 20 May 2006
Principality of SEBORGA
At 11:00 am.
Pieces / Conference
“The Templars in Seborga”
At 12:30 pm
Restaurant “Il Principe”: Lunch
At 16:00
S.Martino Church:
“Organ Concert”
€ 30,00 (all included)
For reservations:
Vitaliano Gallo
Via Bezzecca, 25
Tel (00 39) 0184.575007 – (00 39) 335.460237