14 September 2005


The Principality of Seborga celebrated its main national day last month (20 August), on the occasion of the festival of the patron saint: Saint Bernard. For this event, H.R.H. Prince George I walked with the Knights of the Order of Saint Bernardo di Clairvax: the moment most awaited by its subjects and by many tourists.
Over two days the Principality relived once again a great moment of its history that traces its roots to the past, with historical enactments, flags throwers (sbandieratori), concerts and – of course – the most anticipated food tasting.
The program of the celebrations (sponsored by the Municipality of Seborga, the Pro Seborga Association and the Knights of Saint Bernard) was rich with religious, cultural and entertaining significance.
It all started with a procession of the statue of Saint Bernard from the parochial church of Saint Martino by the ancient church of Saint Bernardo. The statue was escorted by the Knights of Seborga and by H.R.H. Prince George I, with the musical accompaniment of the band of Saint Borghetto Nicolò.
After the procession, the Knights of Seborga offered refreshments in the public square of “Piazza dei Martiri” with food and wine tasting. Once again the main players of this event were the superb dishes cooked by the chefs of the Pro Seborga Association. These dishes were served at the tables set up in the public square while the orchestra played music for all the guests.
During the evening the music gave way to the passage of the historical procession with the folkloristic exhibition of the “sbandieratori” (flags throwers) of Marina di Ventimiglia, wearing the colours white and blue, the same ones of the Principality. The celebrations ended the day after, with a concert in the public square of Saint Martino, performed by the Chamber Orchestra of the Principality, directed by the maestro Vitaliano Gallo. The orchestra played music by Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven and Verdi. Ancient buildings and narrow streets, palms, gardens, mimosa, broom and olive trees set the stage for these unique celebrations.