07 November 2005


This coming Friday, 11 November, starting at 15:00 at the “Sala Polivalente” of Seborga three authors will receive awards in the inaugural Literary Competition organized by the Historical Library of Seborga.
The competition comprised of edited and original scripts in Italian or French regarding Nations, personalities, buildings, documents, artistic features and historical events of any country in the world.
The works were selected and judged by a jury supervised by the Mayor of Seborga: Mr Franco Fogliarini. Here are the titles and names of the winners:

“The influences of the French culture in the Gran Duchy of Tuscany 1737-1790” by V. Massai;

“Sacred articles embroidered and painted at Santa Lucia del Mela” (a locality in Sicily);

“Trails of pilgrimages for the Archangel Michael in Campania, between the middle ages and the modern era” by C. Cerase.

The Historical Library of Seborga was inaugurated on the 23 April 2005 and initiate by Mr Giorgio Pistone.
The Municipality of Seborga donated the premises (a small room) and Mr Pistone donated the entire collection that comprises two thousand books, six hundred magazines and summaries, all of an historical nature.
Since the opening, the Library has been visited by scholars and people of all types and age: from an 11 year old girl of Moroccan origin to a lady of 92 years.
Many researchers come to visit the Library from the nearby towns. In particular, one student is from Oslo (Norway) who is studying the toponymy of the nearby town of Vallebona.
In the library are also kept thousand of photocopies and original documents of the XIV-XX centuries, regarding the Principality of Seborga.
All this material was recovered by Pistone from archives in Ventimiglia, Nice, Turin, the Vatican, Genoa and Vienna, in Germany, in Belgium and in Spain.
Giorgio Pistone has work for 53 years as a land surveyor and technical consultant for tribunals and Courts of Appeal. He has published 29 volumes of subjects related to his profession.
He has also written historical books related to the city of Sanremo and the Principality of Seborga. Lately he has also composed poems and theatrical plays in the local dialect.
The Historical Library of Seborga is open to the public Mondays from 15:30 to 17:30. All are welcome.