14 April 2006


HRH Prince Giorgio I made his first official appearance, since announcing his retirement last January, at the celebrations for the Solidarity Without Borders Day, held in Seborga last Sunday, 2 April.
In receiving the nomination of “Messenger of Peace in the World” by the President of the Ligurian branch of UNICEF, the Prince took the opportunity to address his subjects by assuring them that he is still in charge and announcing his intention to delay his retirement.
“I will remain for a few months, until they elect a new prince”, announced the Prince, and continued: “I am tired, and I am looking forward to retiring. But I will not leave the Principality until the Seborgans elect my successor”.
In the crowded San Martino Square, after receiving the nomination, the Prince also spoke strongly against the alleged princess Kathrin Hohenstaufen who – in recent months – with a series of absurd proclaims has declared herself the “heir” of the Principality and even dismissed Prince Giorgio! At first she was invited but later “forgotten” by the organisers of the event. “She is not a princess. It’s all a stunt” thundered the Prince.
The Seborgans welcomed the words of Prince Giorgio and gave the opportunity to Flavio Gorni of the “Seborga nel Mondo Association” to reply on their behalf: “Our only Prince is Giorgio I that has done a lot for us and for our cause”.