03 May 2006

International Courses of Chamber Music

International Courses of Chamber Music from 16 to 19 July 2006: The courses of chamber music are open to qualified musicians and music students of any nationality and instrument and can be attended as an effective student or just as a listener.
The program of the courses (that includes formations for trios, quartet and quintet from the repertoire of the 1700s to 1900s) will be established by the teacher on the basis of the number of enrolments.
Every student will have to prepare and present a piece of music of his choice for solo instrument of ten minutes duration.
Every effective student will - at the end of the course – receive a certificate. The cost is € 200 for effective students and € 100 for listeners. Discounts and special arrangements for accommodation and food will be available in the Principality for those who attend the courses.
For more information and enrolment please write to Mr Vitaliano Gallo at: vitalianogallo@virgilio.it or by phone: 0039.0184.575007 (SeborgaPress)