22 July 2006

Second International Literary Competition

The Municipality of Seborga together with the Historical Library of Seborga and the Principality have launched the second edition of the International Literary Competition.
The competition is open for an essay, edited and original, in Italian or in French, regarding research, study, people, buildings, documents, artistic works and Middle Age historical events.
The scripts need to be submitted in typed or print format and send to the Biblioteca Storica di Seborga - 18012 Seborga (IM), not later than the 10th October 2006. A jury will examine all the entries and only three works will be selected as finalists. The works submitted will not be returned but will be kept in the Library and will be available to the public.
The prize ceremony will take place in Seborga on the 11th November, in Saint Martin Square. (SeborgaPress)