10 August 2006

Seborga Seen Through The Eyes Of Its Young Ones

In Piazza della Liberta` (Liberty Square) there is something new to welcome the many tourists arriving to visit the Principality: a large illustrated map of the town seen through the eyes of the children of Seborga!
Yes, the children of the local kindergarten and primary school are the primary authors of the map that is now permanently displayed by Mayoral decree.
Thanks to the helpful advice from architect Tullio Gogole from Vallebona and assistance from their teachers, Emanuela Rebaudengo and Susanna Millo, the young artists have drawn a colourful and well detailed map of Seborga, with street names, places of historic interest, shops and services.
The idea behind this project was to give to the young students the opportunity to learn and better familiarize themselves with the territory in which they live.
Judging by the result, everybody in Seborga is quite impressed, especially those involved in the project.
The illustrated map was unveiled during a ceremony by the Mayor, Franco Fogliarini in the presence of many citizens and the proud young students.