08 November 2006


It is official: HRH Prince Giorgio Ist will not abdicate!
The spokesperson for the Principality, Mr G. Pistone, has announced that the Prince has decided to remain in charge. “Given the insistence of his most faithful friends and of the entire population of Seborga – declared the spokesperson – HRH Prince Giorgio Ist has accepted to renounce his earlier decision to retire”.

When in January the Prince announced his intention to abdicate – a decision justified by his age (70 years old) rather than the quarrel with the mayor for the upgrading of the area in front the ancient Cistercians Church of Saint Bernardo as reported by some media - the news left everybody in Seborga numb and surprised and reached every corner of the world.
Radio, television and newspapers around the world reported the announcement with great prominence and many journalists from important newspapers and magazines came to Seborga to investigate the case.
Now, we welcome the news of His change of mind with great relief and happiness because it will certainly bring an order and stability which recent events and characters have threatened of late, upsetting the tranquillity of the place and the honesty of the Seborgans.
This episode, beside the glamour created, has demonstrated that the cause carried out during many years by the Prince Giorgio Ist for the recognition of the independence of Seborga, has gained support and attention never reached before.
The case of Seborga is not as some would have us believe merely a Soap Opera. Today, the case of Seborga is a reality that cannot be ignored and the international community is more aware and sympathetic.
Prince Giorgio Ist is loved by his subjects and admired more and more by people around the world that follow the events happening in this tiny Principality with a passion.
We are happy that Giorgio Ist has decided to keep holding the reins.
There is still lot to do before its time to dismount.
May God grant Him the strength, wisdom and the fighting spirit to continue. (R. C.)