10 December 2006

Father Christmas In Moldova With The Seborga In The World Association

The Seborga in the World Association is planning a trip from 28 December to 4 January to Moldova. The plan is to distribute toys, clothing and other items to the many children of poor families in the town of Mihailovca and in the south of the country.
For this project many students from different school grades in the province of Imperia are involved in collecting the goods for these less fortunate.
This initiative has received support from the Italian Red Cross, UNICEF and the Moldova Embassy in Rome.
During this trip the volunteers of the association are also hoping to successfully transfer from Moldova to a hospital in Rome an 11 year old girl who is currently suffering from cerebral paralysis. This girl has not seen her mother (the only relative left) for the last two years since she started to work in Italy to cover the medical expenses.
The girl is presently in an orphanage and the organisers are hoping to have all the papers required by the bureaucracy to be able to transfer the girl to a hospital in Rome for proper treatment and to allow the mother to see her daughter again. If they succeed it will be a very special Christmas present for this small family.