31 January 2007

Sanremo: Corso Fiorito 2007

From Jan 14 to Feb 04 the city of Sanremo hosts the “Sanremo in Fiore”, flower festival with the charm of the “Corso Fiorito”, the impressive parade of procession of floral floats. This is an annual event where all aspects of flora produced in the Ligurian Ponente (western Liguria) are exhibited, from evergreen plants, cacti, flowering plants to aromatic herbs.
It is an event not to be missed where one can immerse oneself in the thousands of colors and perfumes only to be found in the Sanremo area, thanks to its microclimate allowing them to be cultivated in winter.
“Corso Fiorito” is also an opportunity for the many flower growers in the area to compete against each other under a common theme (chosen by the organisers) with their best floral composition.
This year’s theme was the cartoon characters and for the challenge twelve towns and villages participated in the event that culminated with the floral parade last Sunday, 28 January.
This year winner, for the second consecutive year, was the town of Santo Stefano al Mare with the floral composition representing the “Pimpa” character (photo on top). Seborga participated with a floral float representing Diabolik character (photos on left).

The first edition of "Corso Fiorito" was held on January 1904 and was called "Festa della dea Flora" (Feast of Goddess Flora). There were "floral" carriages on which the "pioneers of flowers" showed their novelties. This event was so successful that it was held year after year and it also gave rise to the "Battle of Flowers" in which several floats were entirely covered with flowers. After the war, the parade was called "Italia in fiore" (Italy in bloom) and was accompanied by bands and folklore groups. Thanks to this parade, Sanremo thus became the Town of Flowers par excellence. Nowadays the “Corso Fiorito” is one the most important events in Sanremo and certainly the most eagerly awaited.
The preliminary phases last for several months, and then everything happens in one single night: from sunset to dawn the floats blossom thanks to the skill of the people who decorate them. Thousands of colourful flowers create marvellous compositions: faces, dresses, animals, clouds, stars and setting are all made up of flowers.
When the moon gives way to the break of day, the floats are ready. The feast can start. And the town streets are thus full of life - also thanks to the bands that accompany the parade every year.