25 April 2007

Italy-Moldava: Future Cultural and Artistic Exchanges Between the Two Countries

On the 3rd of April a meeting was held at the Moldova Embassy in Rome with the Ambassador, Dr Nicolae Dudau, the First Secretary of the Embassy Mrs Stela Dudau, the artistic director Mr Pepi Morgia and the voluntary worker from Seborga in the World Association, Mrs Cristina Leahu.
The aim of the meeting was to discuss the feasibility of intercultural exchange between Italy and Moldova. Ms Stella Stangaci, First Secretary of the embassy, explained that the political and trade exchange agreement between the two countries is going ahead but the cultural ones are sporadic and not well organised.
In this context the proposal from Mr Morgia is to invite artists here from Moldova was welcomed with interest and enthusiasm by the embassy. This August Mr Morgia will visit Moldova with the Seborga Association to meet the local artists and establish a proposal for their visit to Italy.
The ambassador has promised to facilitate these exchanges by providing administrative assistance. The proposal is to invite several musical groups in Italy such as “Zdob si Zdub”, Natalia Barbu and consecutively the groups Joc and Codreanca, a renowned classical dance group and winner of several international awards. (In the photo: the Ambassador Dr. Nicolae Dudau; the artistic Director Pepi Morgia, Ms Stela Stengaci and Ms Cristina Lehau)