17 July 2007

Seborga 21 July: The Blue & White Night

The Notte Azzurra (the Blue and White Night) is the new event of the summer season 2007 that - according to the organisers - promises to be an unmissable Riviera affair.

On Saturday 21 July, the Principality of Seborga will keep the doors open of its atelier, shops and typical taverns for food and wine tasting.

Several bands will perform live with music from jazz to pop. The Notte Azzurra will start at 20:00 and will continue until late into the night.

The traditional food and wine night will take place in the main square of Seborga with typical products from the local area.
These are the music groups that will participate at the event:

Elvis from Radio Zeta: a well known band that will play dance music from the seventies and beyond in the main square.

The Jockers: with a music repertoire of rhythm and blues, soul, funky, blues and rock.The band will play famous and lesser known music. this band has performed at several live events in the Ponente Riviera and the Costa Azzurra.

The Full Optional: a new local band with a program of pop, rock and reggae music.

The Jazz in Duet & Bossuana will perform jazz, bossa nova and classical music in the church square.

For more information: turismo@proseborga.com - web: http://www.proseborga.com/ - Phone: 0184-223859