13 April 2008

History and Culture of Religions at the Honorary Consulate of Seborga at Castellarano

The Honorary Consulate of Seborga at Castellarano (a municipality in the Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy) keeps up its efforts to promote culture.
Its own mission, in fact, is to be an instrument for the development of learning and training, a meeting point of people and cultures.
A series of meetings have been held by the Honorary Consul Paolo Iotti (see photo) in collaboration with the Seminary of the Rovigo town on the reading of the Bible.
Also in development, with the collaboration of the municipality administration of Castellarano, is a series of five meetings on the history and culture of religions. As a result, the name of Seborga is associated with the desire for knowledge and sharing it.
For more information:
Honorary Consulate of Seborga, Via J. Kennedy, 3 - Castellarano (Italy).
Telephone: +39 331 27 22 575
Consul: Dr. Paolo Iotti iottip@libero.it