18 May 2010

Seborga will crown his new elected Prince: Menegatto I

Following the results of the elections of last April, Marcello Menegatto will be officially appointed as Marcello I, Prince of Seborga this Saturday, 22 May 2010 during a public ceremony in Seborga that will start at 10:30. Marcello Menegatto, 32 years old businessman and former offshore pilot, will be crowned along with nine ministers who will work with him for the next seven years.
He will be the second Prince on the throne of the Principality, after the death of Giorgio I, last November. Numerous people and personalities, including members of the media, are expected to attend the event.
After the ceremony, refreshment will be offered to everyone present.
All citizens and supporters of the Principality are kindly invited to participate at the celebration. The Orchestra of the Principality of Seborga and the Orchestra of Radio Zeta will entertain the guests.