26 February 2007

From the Mint of Berlin a Medal to Sponsor the Project of a Museum of Modern Art in Seborga

A commemorative silver medal was officially displayed on Thursday 15 February to the Mayor of Seborga by the German artist Heiko Sachse. The medal was specifically produced by the mint of Berlin to celebrate the future opening of a museum of contemporary art in Seborga.
The revenue from the selling of the medal, which will be sold in 999 specimens, will be used to finance the museum.
This is the second initiative taken by the Berlin artist who has already put to auction some of his artistic works for this particular project. Last autumn the City Council of Seborga officially presented the project of the museum in collaboration with two German companies (which will cover the cost) and offered to provide the land to build the museum.
Although originated in Germany, the project is part of a series of initiatives for the cultural and tourist development of Seborga and has the full support of the local authority.
Heiko Sachse is the author of several artworks regarding the royal family; many of them are exhibited at Buckingham Palace, St James Palace and Westminster Abbey.
(Photo: Franco Fogliarini, Mayor of Seborga and the artist Heiko Sachse. A note from the Editor: in an early edition of the same article we inadvertently published a wrong picture of the artist. We apologise for the error and for any inconvenience caused)