31 March 2007

Vallecrosia: Conference on the International Cooperation

On march 10 in the city of Vallecrosia, the Seborga in the World Association held a conference on international cooperation. The aim was to present and promote the cooperation not just as an existential concept but rather as a way to promote and develop the Global Village and offer reciprocal benefits between two states, in particular Italy and Moldova.

The ability to educate a child or student about solidarity is a very important step for the development od a society. The conference was also an opportunity for the Association to share with the public the experience of past missions to Moldova, the poorest country in Eastern Europe.

During the event the project "Un Ponte Sul Cuore" (A Bridge Heart) was also presented, an initiative that will involve students from different schools in Italy, Seborga and Moldova. The students will participate in a theme competition that will end in May with a special ceremony at the theatre Casino of Sanremo.

At the conference were also distributed drawings from students in Moldova to the students of the St Anne Institute in Vallecrosia. A video presentation was also shown of the recent trip in December (2006) where two tonnes of toys were distributed to the children of Moldova, toghether with teaching material and other items for the schools overe there.

The event ended with a display of photos by the famous photo reporter GB Peluffo that took part in August 2005 at one of the missions.