28 November 2007

The Secrets of the Olive Tree in 160 pages

Now available in the bookstores (in Italy) is the book written by Giorgio Pistone and Luigi Costanzo Oliva (alias Luì Cerin) titled: “Lenga d’oju – ulivi e olio, fatica e poesia” (Olives Trees and Oil, Hard Work and Poetry).
Basically it is a mini encyclopaedia on the olive tree and published as part of the series known as “I Quaderni del Principato di Seborga” (Notes of the Principality of Seborga).
Its 160 pages include photos from the past and the present, maps and illustrations that will allow the reader to travel through the world of the olive tree, the different variety, the most famous and oldest trees in the territory, the mythology associated with this plant, without leaving aside an accurate historical digression in to the commercial expansion of the oil and the olives.
The publication also provides a precious dictionary of words in the ligurian dialect “on the oil world and about”, followed by a description of ancient oil-mills and how they operated, a collection of poems dedicated to the delicious golden nectar and a selection of historical scripts related to the subject.
The book ends with some useful suggestions for the kitchen with recipes and practical applications of the oil and olives.
It is definitely a great book for those who love history and local traditions and for those food lovers who really enjoy the regional cooking. (G. Giordano)