28 November 2007

Awarded the winners of this year’s Historical Library Competition

Once again, on Sunday 11 November, Piazza San Martino was the setting for the award ceremony of this year’s Historical Library Competition organized by the Municipality and the Principality of Seborga.
This year the three winners are: Mr. Pietro Guglielmi from Vallebona (Imperia, Italy) with a work titled “Il Passato che Ritorna” (The Return of the Past): a research based on old objects of various nature and periods found in and around Seborga.
The second winner is Mr. Riccardo Guglielmi, professor at Lund University (Sweden) with a research on toponymy in Vallebona and Seborga.
The third awarded is Mr. Alberto Castellini from Verona (Italy) with an essay regarding the relations between the Principality of Seborga and the Italian State.
Present at the award ceremony were the Mayor of Seborga, Mr. Franco Fogliarini, the curator of the Historical Library, Mr. Giorgio Pistone and HRH Prince Giorgio 1st escorted by around fifty Knights of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher.