06 March 2008

Mr. André Triquet bestowed Baron by Prince Giorgio I of Seborga

We are pleased to be informed that HH Prince Giorgio I of Seborga has bestowed of the noble title of Baron on Mr André Triquet, our Honorary Consul General in France who is also responsible for the Economic Relations with that country and Head of Cabinet of HH at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

After many years of dedicated service to the Principality and in particular to the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Saint Bernard of Chiaravalle as Master and Herald, Baron Triquet today receives a well deserved recognition for his tireless hard work.

At the same time, HH has promoted to the title of Baroness his affable wife, artist and painter Madame Béatrice Tintignac. Our deepest congratulations and best wishes to Baron Triquet and his consort!

This new initiative promoted by our Prince, who this year celebrates 45 years of reign, opens the road for the creation of a “Seborgan Nobility” comprised of people of newly noble status as well as nobles already recognized by the Principality of Seborga for their titles conferred overseas, even by countries that no longer exist.

It means now that with the existence of Nobility there will be a Princely Court and the creation of the label: "Supplier of the Court of the Principality of Seborga" (similar to the endorsement used in commercial activities in UK: "By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen"), on which HH has already issued a decree dated 5 July 2002.
The Principality of Seborga could also bestow noble titles on behalf of States or foreign Entities, for example the Holy See, if requested. The Holy See (that has maintained its tutelage on Seborga for about thousand years and guarantees its no-annexation by Italy) in the past it has conferred noble titles on people who merited but then ceased doing so on the basis of a pronouncement made by HH Paolo VI in 1964.