28 February 2008

New Exhibition by Bea in Seborga

A new artistic exhibition was held on Tuesday 26 January at the seborgan restaurant “Il Principe” by the artist-painter Bea (Béatrice Triquet-Tintignac).
The event was attended by HH Prince Giorgio I of Seborga, by the former Consul of United States in Paris S. Léo BOURNE, and by several personalities and artists lovers.

The artist who initially studied stilismo in Paris has now evolved a more figurative form of painting, expanding her interest on various subjects that benefit from her acute sense of chromatic style and are revealed as vivid and decorative. Her portraits and Venetian views are particularly valued. All our best wishes to our productive artist!

In the photo, from left to right: Mr. A. Triquet-Tintignac (Head of Cabinet of HH); Prince Enrico III Paleologo (heir of the Byzantine Empire); artist Bea (wife of Mr. Triquet); barrister A. Romano (Secretary of State for Justice); HH Prince Giorgio I of Seborga and J.-M. Arden (Vice Consul of Seborga for the Corse Region).