01 May 2008

Seborga: 1st May, 2nd Pipe Festival

The Flowers Riviera and the Cote d’Azur so famous for their centuries-old olive trees are also renowned for their ‘briar’ or ‘arboreous heather’ root, – which in our dialect is called ‘U Brugu’ – plants which are used for making pipes. On Thursday 1st May, from 10.00 am on, in the small square of San Martino in Seborga, in the presence of handicraftsmen and worldwide famous master pipe makers, the 2nd Pipe International Festival is scheduled.

“It is a common mistake to think that smoking was imported from America in Christopher Columbus days – the organizers say -. Recent excavations in South France unearthed examples of ‘primordial pipes’ dating back to 400 BC made in iron, bronze and clay. Roman naturalist and historian Plinio, who lived in the 1st century AC, tells us how the habit of burning particular herbs, with supposed medical virtues, was popular, along with the ‘inhaling’ of its smoke by means of stems."

Worldwide famous Master Pipe Maker Domenico Giordano from Badalucco, who has been a pipe maker for over 50 years, will preside over the event presenting an exhibition of his briar and olive pipes. Everybody is welcome to the meeting, lady smokers included. French writer Franc Nohain (1873–1934) said: “in the gestures related to pipe smoking, in the way of holding it and of caressing its bowl, there is an expression of wellness and of certainty and bliss, which the best cigarette will never give you. And women, so pride of smoking cigarettes, will never really be equal to men, if not when will bravely approach pipe smoking”.

Permanent exhibition all year round at Grand Hotel Des Anglais, Corso Imperatrice - Sanremo. More information visit: http://www.orchestraprincipatodiseborga.com/ or http://www.giordanopipe.it/