21 May 2008

Sport: Seborga on the soccer field with “Mihailovca-Seborga 2005”.

A new reality in football is making its way in the landscape of the Republic of Moldova: an Italian-Moldovan team.
For the Republic of the former Soviet Union this is an absolute novelty: from this month the small municipality of Mihailovca can boast its own football team: the “Mihailovca Seborga-2005” (see photo).
The idea came from the “Seborga in the World Association” of the Principality of Seborga which - after having created a football field in the village with the collaboration of the local youth and the volunteers of the emergency service of Seborga-Vallebona - launched this new challenge.
The president of the soccer team is a young Moldovan lady: Lilia Lebada, living in Rome and with dual nationality, who was appointed - according to the association - "not only for her sensitivity to the political plans for the youth of her country, but for her experience in football”.
The vice President is Alberto Cengarle, creator and administrator of the Italian-Moldovan discussion forum: “Ambasada.it”, who stressed that the main objective of the project is “to bring families and particularly children to love this sport, through the matches the boys will play each week”.
Mihailovca-Seborga 2005 team will wear the blue colours, like the colours of the Principality of Seborga and will have as sponsor various Italian and Moldovan firms and companies.
From September the team will play in the national championships, but the newborn team has clear programs and aims: "to Improve the ground of the football field, build showers, changing rooms and stands, build an illumination system, as well as reaching the top positions of the youth league” explained the chairman Lilia Lebada, who added that the league “is already thinking about the creation of a team of women players”.