16 December 2007

Seborgan Delegation at the Norwegian Diplomatic Reception

A significant joint reception organised by the Embassy of Norway in Belgium and the General Consulate of Norway in Luxembourg took place Thursday 8 November 2007 at the Bettembourg Castle, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

More than 350 guests and personalities were present at the event; among them the Ambassador of Norway, H.E. J. Bernhardsen, the Consul General of Norway in Luxembourg, Dame Christine Doerner, several guests from Luxembourg and foreign Consuls who, for the occasion, were given the honour of the first rank in the reception hall.

Guest of honour at the event was the energetic Christine Doerner, well known and regarded in Luxembourg as Notary, Member of the Chamber of Deputy of the Christian Social People’s Party for her commitment to the protection of women and Consul General of Norway.

The delegation of the Principality of Seborga, cordially invited, was represented by the Baron J.-Ph. Arnotte, Honorary Consul, and by G. Clemente, candidate Vice-Honorary Consul (in the photo: respectively on the left and on the right of Mrs Doerner) and were order of first and third rank.

The reception was held under the theme of the Centenary Anniversary of the death of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, author of the famous play “Peer Gynt”, with a piano concert followed by a recital that the composer himself completed with the moving “Solveig Song” (Peer Gynt Suite I, Opus 46).

At a time when the international and constitutional status of Seborga has reached a particularly crucial point in the Italian Constitutional Court (see our article published on 25.04.07 titled: “Sensational Verdict from an Italian Tribunal: The Italian State Has No Jurisdiction over Seborga!”) we applaud the political far-sightedness of the Consul General of Norway who for several years has honoured us with her esteem.

To the Grand Dame de Bettembourg our thanks and best wishes!