28 January 2008

‘Corso Fiorito 2008’: The winner is the town of Taggia

The Olympic Games was the theme of this year new edition of ‘Corso Fiorito’, the flower festival that took place last Sunday 27 January at Sanremo.
This year the famous parade of floral floats was indeed a parade of sports stars.

Each of the 13 competing floral carriages represented an “azzurro” athlete (azzurro= Italian) who won at least one or more golden medals.

Seborga took part at the event with a floral float representing the sport of rowing (second photo below). On the carriage, suspended on a mat of flowers from local producers a tiger - the mascot of the Olympic Games of Seoul 1988 – was mounted, as well as a huge dragon with a body made of the five Olympic rings in honor of China, the organizer of the Games.

On one side of the float the flower composition represented the sport of rowing that in Seoul's Games saw the triumph of Gianluca Farina in the category Men's Quadruple Sculls.

Again this year the Sanremo float, which does not participate in the competition, opened the parade with a floral composition representing the symbols of the Olympic Games: the five rings and the Olympic cauldron.

This year’s winner was the town of Taggia with the floral float representing the equestrian discipline at the Olympic Games of Tokyo in 1964 (first photo on top).
Second place went to the town of Imperia, with a floral composition dedicated to sailing and the Olympic Games of Sydney in 2000.
Third place went to the floral float of Santo Stefano al Mare representing the sport of boxing and the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960. (Photos by Flavio)